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Carpet Cleaning

We use two expert methods when cleaning your carpets.

  • Hot Water Extraction : appropriate for 90% of the carpets made of synthetic fabricsHot Water Extraction also known as steam cleaning, in this method carpet cleaner technicians uses machineries that sprays heated water, as well as chemicals on the carpet, and at the same time vacuums the sprayed water along the dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved out of the carpet. Recognized as the most efficient method among industry experts Reduces allergen amounts significantly – good solution for families with little children and pets All bio-contaminants such as microbes, mites and bed bugs are destroyed by the heated water It allows for 100% eco cleaning for carpets which are not extremely dirty Air quality is significantly improved after a procedure as air filtering ability of the textile floor is renewed We operate high power water extraction equipment
  • Dry Cleaning : suitable for delicate, hand-made and organic materials such as silk, velvet, or leather which cannot be treated with water.A special powder or foam is spread on the carpet, the powder is than rubbed in circular motion at a safe speed (depends on the fabric). The powder helps loosening and dissolving the unwanted particles, which than will be vacuumed off from your carpet. This method is particularly suitable for delicate fabrics. Let our technician to help you determine which of your carpets or rugs require this method of cleaning.