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End of Lease Cleaning

Whether you are a property owner, real estate agency or a tenant, our end of lease cleaning service is designed to fulfil your requirements and help you welcome new tenants/buyers or getting your deposit back in full. At Cleaning Victoria we follow a detailed end of lease cleaning checklist (used by real estate agencies and landlords) to make sure you get your bond back. Unlike other cleaning service providers who offer 24 hours or 48 hours guarantee, we return to your property weeks after if your landlord or real estate agent requires further cleaning. On top of that we also offer same day cleaning service, so you can keep up with the moving and be assured your house will be perfectly cleaned after you. We also offer a complete End of Lease Cleaning package with Carpet Steam Cleaning at a reasonable price. Ask us when you make your booking.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We use two expert methods when cleaning your carpets.

  • Hot Water Extraction : appropriate for 90% of the carpets made of synthetic fabricsHot Water Extraction also known as steam cleaning, in this method carpet cleaner technicians uses machineries that sprays heated water, as well as chemicals on the carpet, and at the same time vacuums the sprayed water along the dirt that has been dislodged or dissolved out of the carpet. Recognized as the most efficient method among industry experts Reduces allergen amounts significantly – good solution for families with little children and pets All bio-contaminants such as microbes, mites and bed bugs are destroyed by the heated water It allows for 100% eco cleaning for carpets which are not extremely dirty Air quality is significantly improved after a procedure as air filtering ability of the textile floor is renewed We operate high power water extraction equipment
  • Dry Cleaning : suitable for delicate, hand-made and organic materials such as silk, velvet, or leather which cannot be treated with water.A special powder or foam is spread on the carpet, the powder is than rubbed in circular motion at a safe speed (depends on the fabric). The powder helps loosening and dissolving the unwanted particles, which than will be vacuumed off from your carpet. This method is particularly suitable for delicate fabrics. Let our technician to help you determine which of your carpets or rugs require this method of cleaning.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

You no longer need to scrub and rub the hard floors with toothbrush and bleach to clean your tiles and grouts. At Cleaning Victoria, we use high pressure cleaning equipment and heavy duty cleaning chemicals to clean your tiles and grouts.
We offer both residential and commercial cleaning, from small homes to large showrooms, and restaurants

  • Stones
  • Ceramics
  • Tiles
  • Grouts
  • Concrete
  • Bricks

Rug Cleaning

At Cleaning Victoria, we are proud to have our one and only hand-made and Persian rug technician, who have experience in not only cleaning Persian and Afghan rugs but also in making them. Whether you have an antique hand-made rug or a modern machine-made rug, we take care of it when it comes to cleaning. Our rug cleaning procedure might be long but it worth it, to get an almost new, clean and sanitised carpet back. Our rug cleaning process is as follow:

  • Step 1: inspect and analyse. First we will send you our technician to identify and carefully inspect your rug. Knowing the exact composition of the fibres, whether it is wool, silk, cotton, or synthetic, will help us in understanding what chemical use to clean it.
  • Step 2: dust and dirt removal. In this step, our technician use special machineries imported from overseas to suck out the dirt and dusts which could not be removed with an ordinary vacuum. Removal of these excess dirt and dusts is important in allowing the carpet knots to be raised, which in turns allow the carpet to be cleaned from deep in.
  • Step 3: testing and pre-treatments. Even though our rug experts know what chemical to use on cleaning your rug, but testing the colours of the fibres is important before we start. Different combination of coloured fibres on a rug, if not careful might led to dye bleed when cleaned, just like when you throw different coloured clothes into the washing machine together. Therefore, testing is one important step before we start the cleaning.
  • Step 4: shampooing and brushing. Each type of rug and/or mat is made of different composition of fibre. therefore a thorough examination is needed
    shampooing of your rug/mat depends on its fibre composition. once we select the right shampoo for your carpet we proceed with the cleaning process.

    • For delicate rugs made of wool, cotton, and synthetic materials, we use our rotary machines to brush the fibres for a maximum clean
    • for super delicate rugs including hand-made, silk rugs, and antique rugs we use hand-brushes to brush the carpet (depending on the carpet delicacy).

    not all carpets,mats and rugs need modern machineries to be cleaned. modern machineries are sometimes way too harsh for your delicate carpets. please note that modern machineries will reduce the life-span of your carpets,mats and/or rugs.

  • Step 5: Rinsing. Once the shampooing is done, then the rug is sent through our rinsing machine, where cold water is gently poured on the rug to wash away the shampoo and remove and extract the remaining moisture and dirt particles.
  • Step 6: Drying. In the last step, patience is required the most, if the rug be delivered to your home before a complete dry, it will have an unpleasant smell. The drying of your rug is depend on the composition of your rug. All rugs entering our drying room will be tested by moisture meters before we release them to be rolled to your home.
  • Step 7: Delivery. Hours before delivery, we will check, groom and vacuum your rugs. Than the rug is rolled and placed in a vehicle to be sent home.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our professional technicians provide a full upholstery cleaning service to revitalize and extend the life-spam of your mattresses, armchairs and sofas. At Cleaning Victoria we make sure you get the best cleaning results at a competitive rate.


Suede or leather, your couch and sofas will get the best cleaning treatment from our technicians. Our expert team will use dry or wet cleaning systems to clean the most stubborn stains and dirt off your couches and sofas. Steam fabric treatment uses high pressure steam for through cleaning. This method is mostly recommended and used by our technicians. The dry compound treatment however, is suitable for delicate fabrics. This treatment is used for antique sofas which are made of delicate fabrics which are sensitive to water or steam.

Mattress Cleaning

Did you know that there are between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites inside your mattress? This is a worrying issue for people who may have dust mite allergy. One of the steps you can take to kill the mites in your mattress is to have mattress cleaning technicians to clean your mattresses. Our technician will use hot water to not only clean your mattress but to kill the mites in your mattress too.